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Wine Drinking Team Book Club

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Our weekends? They're booked.

Who We Are

The Wine Drinking Team book club is your average friendly neighborhood book club. We read. We talk. We drink wine.

How We Roll

Each month, one of our book club members picks a cool book they want to read (we keep a list of who’s turn it is—it’s very official) and we all (ok MOST of us) read the book! Then, we get together, spill some tea, talk about the book, and have a genuinely great time.

Sounds pretty cool, eh?

our latest pick

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This month’s pick is:

The Teacher

by Freida McFadden

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about our club

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Origin Story

The Wine Drinking Team book club started with three women who wanted an excuse to read more books, and drink more wine.

Our group has grown and keeps expanding. We want to share our book picks with everyone out there who also wants to read more. And drink wine. Not necessarily in that order.

So click on the link to our latest pick, order the book, grab a team t-shirt, pour a glass of wine, and get started.

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Connect with us

wherever you are!

If you read our latest pick, let us know what you thought of the book or any discussion questions you want us to cover!

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discussion questions

  • How does the scandal involving the student-teacher affair impact the dynamics within the school community?
  • How do the rumors and gossip surrounding Addie shape the way she is perceived by others?
  • Explore the character of Addie. What motivates her actions, and how does her backstory contribute to her behavior? Do you sympathize with her, or do you view her as a villainous character?
  • In what ways does "The Teacher" address issues of trust and betrayal?
  • Reflect on the significance of secrets in the novel. How do the secrets held by various characters drive the plot forward, and what consequences do they face as a result of keeping or revealing these secrets?
  • Discuss the portrayal of power dynamics in the teacher-student relationship depicted in the book. How does the imbalance of power influence the interactions between characters, and what commentary does the novel offer on this issue?
  • Analyze the role of gossip and rumors in "The Teacher." How do these elements contribute to the atmosphere of the story, and what commentary does the author make about the nature of rumors and their impact on individuals?
  • Explore the theme of redemption in the novel. Do any characters undergo a process of redemption throughout the story, and if so, what prompts this transformation? How does the theme of redemption tie into the overarching narrative?
  • Consider the portrayal of morality and ethics in "The Teacher." How do the characters navigate moral dilemmas, and do their actions align with societal norms and expectations? How does the novel challenge traditional notions of morality? Do you think Eve is as morally culpable as Nate?
  • Reflect on the ending of the book. Were you surprised by the outcome? How does the resolution of the story reflect the themes and character arcs explored throughout the novel?