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Wine Drinking Team Book Club

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Our weekends? They're booked.

Who We Are

The Wine Drinking Team book club is your average friendly neighborhood book club. We read. We talk. We drink wine.

How We Roll

Each month, one of our book club members picks a cool book they want to read (we keep a list of who’s turn it is—it’s very official) and we all (ok MOST of us) read the book! Then, we get together, spill some tea, talk about the book, and have a genuinely great time.

Sounds pretty cool, eh?

Our Latest Pick

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This month’s pick is:


by Julia Phillips

Past Picks




About Our Club

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Origin Story

The Wine Drinking Team book club started with three women who wanted an excuse to read more books, and drink more wine.

Our group has grown and keeps expanding. We want to share our book picks with everyone out there who also wants to read more. And drink wine. Not necessarily in that order.

So click on the link to our latest pick, order the book, grab a team t-shirt, pour a glass of wine, and get started.

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Connect With the Club!

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Connect with us

wherever you are!

If you read our latest pick, let us know what you thought of the book or any discussion questions you want us to cover!

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Discussion Questions

  • The bear is a central figure in the story. What symbolic meanings or interpretations can you draw from its presence and actions throughout the ​novel?
  • How does the Pacific Northwest island setting shape the sisters’ identities and their views on the world?
  • How do Sam and Elena’s perspectives evolve throughout the novel, especially with their opposing reactions to the bear?
  • Which character did you relate to the most? Why?
  • Discuss the unraveling of Sam and Elena’s dream of escape. Did Elena betray Sam by abandoning their plan? Or did Sam take their ​imaginings too seriously?
  • When did you feel like Elena had crossed the line with the bear?
  • What do you think Julia Phillips is trying to convey about the relationship between humans and nature, and the impact of the natural world on ​our lives?
  • What passages or scenes from the book will stay with you longest?
  • How do the portrayal of poverty and the sisters’ relationship with their mother impact Sam and Elena’s dreams, decisions, and the overall ​narrative? What elements does Bear share with classic fairy tales?
  • Discuss the ending: how did it impact your interpretation of the story’s themes and character arcs?
  • Why do you think the author ended the novel this way? If you could ask the author any question about this book, what would it be?